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Hand Chain Hoists

Hoisting Equipment

Hand Chain Hoist Model VSplus

Capacity 500 – 5000 kg

The new Yale hand chain hoist VSplus is through
further technical development the successor of our
proven VS model. We set new standards with the
extremely robust all-steel construction and high
quality bearings for drive pinion, load chain sheave
and gearbox. A maximum of corrosion prevention and
maintenance friendliness are special features of this


  • 4 strong bolts between the side plates and the rein-
    forced housing covers ensure increased stability.
  • Precision machined guide rollers ensure smooth
    running of the load chain.
  • Encapsulated, life-time lubricated bearings ensure
    a long service life.
  • Brake system protected against the ingress of dust,
    foreign particles and corrosion.
  • Zinc-plated load chain as standard for added
    corrosion protection.


  • Overload prevention device.
  • Chain container
  • Corrosion and acid resistant load and hand chains.

Hand chain hoist model Yalelift 360

Capacity 10000 – 20000 kg

Areas of operation as well as operator conditions have
been improved in trail-blazing fashion, which goes far
beyond the classical hand chain hoist.


  • The revolutionary 3600 rotating hand chain guide
    allows the operator to work from virtually any
    position, in confined spaces or above the load. The
    Yalelift can even be operated from the side of the
    load which also makes it possible to use the hoist
    for horizontal pulling or tensioning. Due to the addi-
    tional flexibility, the operator is no longer forced to
    work in the danger zone near the load.
  • The new patented brake system is extremely quiet
    and guarantees operational safety and improved
    serviceability due to omission of the vulnerable
    ratchet pawls. All parts are made of high quality
    materials, additionally galvanised or yellow-chroma-
    ted to increase corrosion prevention.
  • The enclosed robust stamped steel housing pro-
    tects all internal components even in the toughest
  • Chain guide and gearbox are almost totally
    enclosed. Even under the toughest conditions the
    internal gearbox remains protected.
  • The hardened load sheave with four precision
    machined pockets ensures accurate movement of
    the load chain.
  • The extremely low headroom allows maximum use
    of the lifting height.
  • The surface protected zinc-plated alloy steel load
    chains fulfil all requirements of current national and
    international standards and regulations.
  • Drop forged load and suspension hooks that yield
    under overload instead of breaking, are made of
    high tensile steel and are standard for all Yale
    hoists. The hooks are fitted with robust safety
    latches and rotate 360 Degree
Chain Guide The patented Yale brake
system low noise and
reduced wear.
High quality encapsulated
ball bearings and sliding
bushes for smooth and
effortless operation.

Hand chain hoist model Yalelift 360 20t

Capacity 20000 kg

The new brake system used in the Yalelift series is
also employed in the Yalelift 360 20t, setting new
standards in terms of operational safety and service-
ability. The brake is extremely quiet and wear
resistant. All components are made of high quality
materials, some components are galvanized or
yellow-chromated for added corrosion protection. This
ensures that also heaviest loads are held reliably.
In spite of its high capacity, the Yalelift 360 20t
features a compact design.
The enclosed robust stamped steel body resists in the
toughest conditions and allows outside operation.
The hardened load sheave with five precision machi-
ned pockets ensures accurate movement of the load
The low headroom (hook-to-hook dimension
1010 mm) allows maximum use of the lifting height.
The Yalelift 360 20t is equipped with six chain falls
only which results in higher speed and lower weight.


  • Spark resistant features.
  • Overload prevention device
  • Chain container
  • Corrosion resistant version.
The robust stamped
steel housing with four
stay bolts is resistant
to the toughest working
The precisely machined
load sheave ensures
accurate movement of the
load chain.


Push and geared type model HTP and model HTG

Capacity 500 – 20000 kg

The trolley enables the exact positioning or easy tra-
versing of large loads with either manual or powered
hoisting equipment.


  • It has excellent rolling features due to machined
    steel wheels mounted on pre-lubricated, encapsula-
    ted ball bearings.
  • Adjustable to fit a wide range of beam widths and
    profiles (e.g. INP, IPE and IPB).
  • The trolley wheels are designed for a max. beam
    profile incline of 14% (DIN 1025 – part l), excellent
    rolling features are guaranteed by pre-lubricated,
    encapsulated ball bearings.
  • Adjustments are made by rotating the clevis load
    bar which also ensures the centred positioning of
    the hoist in the clevis – no creeping to the left or
    the right.
  • Trolleys and beam clamps have a min. fracture
    security of in accordance with the IJVV and
    machinery directives.
  • They are tested with overload and supplied with a
    test certificate and an operating instructions manu-
    al which contains an EC declaration of conformity.


  • Buffers
  • Locking device to secure the trolley in position on
    the beam (park position e.g. on ships).
  • Rust and acid resistant hand chains.
  • Corrosion resistant version.
  • Spark resistant equipment.

Ratchet Lever Hoists

Ratchet lever hoist model UNO

Capacity 750 – 6000 kg

The standard free chaining device serves to quickly
attach the load or to pull the chain through the hoist
in both directions. A hand lever hoist with a robust
stamped steel construction and compact design.
The low tare weight and a smooth free chaining
device make the UNO a handy, universal tool.


  • Forged suspension and load hooks, manufactured
    from non-aging, high alloy tempering steel, yield
    under overload instead of breaking.
  • Alloyed steel link chain with zinc-plated resp. yellow
    chromated finish, in accordance with national and
    international standards and regulations.
  • The chain guide is integrated into the housing to
    eliminate fouling and jamming of the chain on the
    load sheave.
  • Robust chain stop.
  • The standard free chaining device serves to quickly
    attach the load.
  • Ergonomic handlever with rubber grip.
  • Hard chromium plated hand wheel.
  • Automatic screw-and-disc type load brake with
    corrosion protected components.
  • Sturdy bottom block with encapsulated bolt
  • Due to optimized gearing a minimum effort is
    required to operate the short hand lever.

Cable Puller

Cable puller model Yaletrac

Pulling force 800 – 3200 daN

It has a light weight, compact, high strength alumi-
nium alloy housing with a large flat bottom surface
for increased stability in horizontal as well as vertical
working position.


  • Forward and reversing levers in tandem provide
    slim design and assure power transfer along the
    centre line.
  • Overload protection is by a shearing pin in the
    forward lever. Spare shear pins are conveniently
    located in the carrying handle or operating lever.
    A broken pin can be replaced without removing
    the load.
  • A lever disengages the rope clamp system allowing
    easy, smooth installation of the wire rope.
  • Yaletrac uses a special flexible wire rope. It has six
    strands with a steel core and is identified by an
    orange strand. The rope is tapered at one end for
    easy threading and fitted with an eye sling hook
    with safety latch on the other end.
  • The parallel arrangement of the clamping system
    protects the wire rope by distributing the clamping
    forces evenly. A long rope advance per each lever
    stroke increases the working speed.
  • The large opening in the top of the unit allows easy
    cleaning: simply flush the unit with water, apply
    motor oil for lubrication and the Yaletrac is again
    ready for use.


  • Eye sling hook with safety latch
  • Longer ropes
  • Drum reel
  • Storage box