Our quality policy is to offer the customer the quality he expects!
As we are responsible for manufacturing, supply and after sales service of our product range we have total quality control, ensuring customer satisfaction.

Our Certification 

Our firm is certified to ISO 9001:2008 by QS (SWISS CERTIFICATION)
And we are a member in Lifting Equipment engineer association (LEEA) which is the biggest association in our field


Andrascom was established in Egypt through a program of Acquisitions and mergers. Our company has grown quickly to the point Where it can not only provide our clients with a far wider range of services, but it has also brought together a management team with over 80 years combined experience in the Lifting Equipment Industry.


We have a fully equipped workshop and testing facility. In support of our Oil and Gas operations, we employ over 10 personnel between Sales and Administration Staff to qualified Test Engineers Quality Management: Implement QMS 9001:2008 which has been approved by QS to ISO 9001:2008, which covers a range of lifting services including Inspection, maintenance, test and manufacture of lifting Equipment

We have both the infrastructure and manpower that will keep us in top position for decades to come. We stay committed to our business roots which made us what we are today
With workshops in all our branches, each staffed with well equipped and trained; our customers can always rely on us for fast, efficient jobs, maintenance, and inspections.

Tests and inspection

All our Inspector Engineers have been given specialized external and internal training as LEEA. This provides objective evidence that they are competent to perform the duties required of them.



ISO 9001

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